Love Your Heart! 3 Ways Power Lift Recliners Can Help Your Cardiovascular Wellness

As we celebrate love and affection this month, let’s not forget to extend that love to our hearts – the vital organs that keep us going. UltraComfort power lift recliners offer more than just a comfortable place to sit – they offer a range of benefits that may positively impact your cardiovascular wellness including improved circulation, enhanced comfort, and support for fluid regulation and swelling.

Improved Circulation

Proper circulation is vital for heart health, ensuring that oxygen-rich blood reaches all parts of the body effectively. Sitting in a stationary position for extended periods of time can impede circulation, leading to discomfort and restlessness.

Our Comfort Zone positioning system in our recliners offer a stress-free reclining experience by providing patented adjustable and supportive positioning zones that can increase your body’s wellness and optimize the feeling of comfort. Some of these positions include Zero Gravity+, Rejuvenate, Sit, TV, etc. With gentle movement and changes in posture, this system can help prevent blood from pooling in the legs and feet and promotes optimal circulation throughout the body.

One of the standout features of our 5-Zone power lift recliners is our patented tilt function, giving users the ability to elevate the legs above the level of the heart. The Rejuvenate position allows blood to flow more efficiently back to the heart so it doesn’t have to work as hard. Enhanced blood flow not only benefits the heart, but also contributes to overall vitality and well-being.

In a Google Review, Charlie H stated, “I have used a lift chair for almost 10 years. This chair is much better. I need to recline with my feet above my heart and the tilt feature makes it happen. The chair has a great group of control buttons. I really love this chair. It is excellent.”

Stress Reduction During Recovery

Recovering from a surgery? Having a power lift recliner can be beneficial for users recovering from various types of surgeries such as knee replacement, hip replacement and more. According to the Arthritis Foundation, “these procedures also come with some risks. Among them are increased risks of heart trouble, particularly in the first 90 days after surgery.” 

The effects of anesthesia along with blood loss, low blood oxygen and other issues that can happen during surgery all stress your cardiovascular system, which raises the risk of heart problems. On top of all that, if you have other conditions that can increase the risk of cardiovascular problems, such as diabetes or high blood pressure, it’s critical to take measures after surgery that can help reduce your heart rate and stress. By actively recovering in a power lift recliner, this can help reduce overall stress levels, leading to a calmer heart rate and improved cardiovascular function.

Our lift feature can also help assist in getting in and out of a seated position without putting excessive strain on the muscle or joint. When entering the lift position, you’ll notice that you won’t be “dumped” out of your chair like others in the industry. Ours will help you stand easily without putting added stress on your knees and hips. In a Google Review, Katie T said, “I got the UC559 MED for hip surgery. Love it. So cozy and gets me up on my feet automatically.”

When reclining, supported positioning options like Zero Gravity or Rejuvenate can help release muscle tension and relieve joint and muscle pain. You’ll also notice that because of the patented movement of our motion box, the footrest supports a slight bend in your knee, for those recovering from knee replacement surgery. This supported bend can take any unneeded pressure off your lower back, allowing your back and hips to experience a rejuvenating comfort that couldn’t be achieved otherwise. Learn more about the Science Beneath Your Seat.

Overall, the ability to lift and recline in a comfortable position can aid in relaxation, stress reduction and make recovery more manageable.

Reduced Edema & Swelling

For users suffering from congestive heart failure or edema, fluid regulation is critical. Edema is swelling caused by a build-up of fluids around the nerves. In this case, a doctor may recommend a variety of mechanical treatments such as leg elevation, massage, compression, movement, etc.

For leg elevation, our power lift recliners offer the most ergonomic positions to comfortably raise the feet above the heart. Our tilt feature can help aid in fluid redistribution by encouraging the movement of excess fluid from the legs and lower body back toward the heart and kidneys, where it can be more effectively processed and eliminated.

“This chair was purchased for my very dear 86 year old friend, who had severe edema in his feet and legs. His UltraComfort chair made all the difference in the world by ending his edema problem. However, it did much more than that; it became a treasured possession, as it allowed him the freedom to choose whatever position or elevation he desired. And the lift to stand feature allowed him to stand,” says C.P. in a Google Review.

A power lift recliner can offer enhanced comfort and mobility but also nurture your heart’s health. Remember to show your heart some love by taking proactive steps towards its well-being. Embrace the comfort and support of a power lift recliner, and let it be a reminder that a healthy heart is truly the greatest gift you can give yourself today, and every day after.

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